The Graphologist’s Apprentice

The Graphologist’s Apprentice is the story of two women – one who lives a life without passion and the other whose life has been consumed by passion.

January is a young woman stuck in a dead end job and a dead end life life. Sarcastic and introverted, she rebuffs any advance of friendship from her workmate Alice and her only serious relationship to date is a series of snatched intimacies with a married man. January is so afraid to die that she doesn’t know how to live – she’d rather be comfortable and miserable than risk being happy.

Mae is an old woman who has spent her life mastering the science of graphology. She lives in a cottage filled with memories and paper. Mae feels her time on this earth is coming to an end and she is desperately trying to finish the manuscript that has consumed her life for many years. To complete the project before mortality catches up with her, Mae decides she needs an apprentice. In a pile of applications she is processing as a contractor lays the perfect candidate – January.

January proves to be an adept apprentice, and Mae awakens a passion for graphology that January didn’t know she had. January begins to see the world quite differently.

Slowly, and despite each woman’s reluctance, their friendship develops as Mae shares her life’s work with January.

Mae will teach January more than graphology; she will teach January the value of friendship and of life.