I Ain’t Nothing But…A Glimmer in the Dark, She Said


First performed October 17, 2006 as part of the STAB season of experimental theatre.

I Ain’t Nothing But, A Glimmer in the Dark, She Said comprised of two short plays simultaneously played in the same theatre, sharing a cast, soundtrack and one door. In one night the audience see both plays, gaining a deeper understanding of each through the other. Based on an idea by Amanda Hereaka

I Ain’t Nothing But By Whiti Hereaka

A black comedy about a man having an existential crisis.

Director: Grace Hoete

Will Julian Wilson

Lucifer Te Kohe Tuhaka

Lilith Kate Fitzroy

Evie Katlyn Wong

A Glimmer in the Dark, she said

A visual piece of theatre about the woman who dreams of the man.

Devised by: Amanda Hereaka, Nancy Brunning, Fiona Truelove, Julian Wilson, Te Kohe Tuhaka, Kate Fitzroy, Katlyn Wong, Grace Hoete, Jennifer Proctor-Hegglun

With assistance from: Emily Keddell, Will Harris

Rae Nancy Brunning

Clare Fiona Truelove

Will Julian Wilson

God Te Kohe Tuhaka

Lilith Kate Fitzroy

Evie Katlyn Wong

Produced by Open Book Productions.

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