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November round up – part 2

I had intended to post the day after the last post but as per usual other stuff got in the way. Such as writing a proposal for a Young and Hungry commission. Oh yes, the draft of my novel had barely cooled off before I started sniffing around for another project…but it was the new idea I was romancing earlier in the year so I guess it isn’t all bad.

Back to November.

The writing went well during the second week, targets were met and chapters completed. But my mind was on the weekend when I was going up to Auckland to watch the shoot of my first short film.

When I first got the email about the shoot I ummed and ahhed about going up – it was scheduled for the middle of my marathon and I also felt a little divorced from the whole project. I had written the script in 2005 and I hadn’t heard from the producer, well, all of the year. In the end I decided to go – it was my first short film! And I wanted to see how it was done for my next short.

I stayed with my cousin Peata who had just been profiled for Kete Aronui and Ramon Te Wake who was her director was also directing my script! Small world eh?

The shoot was amazing. First up I felt so welcome on the set – I had worried that I’d be in the way but I was fine. I was so exhausted when I got back to P’s place that I crashed out at 8. I also got to have a look at the editing process on the second day, which is where the story really comes together.

Elizabeth Hawthorne was amazing – we laughed at the footage again and again even though we had seen it at least 20 times.The only thing I was worried about was that the dialogue for the VO didn’t really match her performance. I wished I had time to do a rewrite before they shot…

…Someone read my mind because I got a call asking if I wouldn’t mind rewriting the VO dialogue. So I have a little project to keep me busy over Christmas!

The third week was unsettled – I wanted to write film! Not my novel! I had taken the week off work so I had time up my sleeve to ease back into the writing. I didn’t really get back into it until the end of the week which meant the trip to Matiu Island with my writing group was off for me and although I did feel a bit deprived, I did need that time to break the back of the novel (which I’ve just realised is an appalling saying!)

The last week of November I had three new chapters to write; two I knew absolutely had to be written and one I was a bit iffy about. The iffy chapter added nothing to the story nor drive it. When I had planned to include it I think I wanted to slow the pace down. The previous chapter is about how January is progressing in her studies, this is supposed to take a couple of weeks but because she is doing the same thing day after day I’ve condensed it. I wanted to add a chapter to show the passage of time but I think it would be better if I reworked the chapter I already have, slowing down the pace with the use of language and white space.

That’s how I spent November. I think it was worth pushing through with the draft – I hope it has more coherence than the last draft. I felt physically broken after the month of writing ( I may have developed a writing hump!) I think the novel may have broken my back!

Here’s a music vid from the incomparable Ramon!


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