What happens on tour…

Hello! I just opened my account to show my cousin the inner workings of a blog and I’ve had some visitors. even though I’m the laziest blogger EVER.

This week I’ve been up in Auckland attending a series of readings of my play Raw Men. It’s been awesome – really warm responses from the audience and as always I’m blown away by the generosity of actors. Raw Men is based on the poetry of Rowley Habib. It’s the story of three generations of men, spanning from the battlefields of WWII to Victoria University campus at the turn of the century (the 21st that is). It’s the story of fathers and sons, of blood, of whanau.

It’s fantastic to hear the play with three voices. It was originally a solo – an epic solo I now realise! So at the end of the latest draft I thought I had pushed it as far as I could for a solo piece. Now that I don’t have that restriction…my mind has been going a million miles a minute with possibilities.

Last night a woman said to me that I don’t need to rewrite it, that it was perfect as it is, that I should move on because I have more to say. I’m not sure if I’ve said what I want to say with Raw Men yet.

Tonight we’re at the Mangare Arts Centre so if you’re free at 6.30 pop along. Tomorrow off to Wellington for a reading at Te Papa (12 at the marae).


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