It’s alive….ALIVE!

Let’s not dwell on how long it has been since my last post (3 – ahem- years). So the readers that I once had will have probably moved on to a blogger who is not as neglectful; the only form of decay this blog has experienced in my absence (unless, by some trick of subscription I have popped up in their RSS feed – hello!). To tell the truth I had thought that when I tried to log on it would not be here. Not so just reset my password and here I am.

Which I guess begs the question (does it?) why am I blogging again? I’ll answer that with where I’m blogging – in the writer’s studio at the Michael King Writers Centre. For the next eight weeks I’m going to be a full-time writer instead of a writer/administrator which is very exciting and also a  little daunting.

Today is my second full day here and I’m still trying to find how to work. Actually I’m trying to get used to the space and feel like it’s mine.When I’m at home I usually cram writing around everything else and look forward to Wednesdays when I have the whole day to write. So what do I do with a whole eight weeks?

I’m working on a play called Rewena while I’m here so I’ve decided to do a bit of research before I leap into writing. This includes baking. So on my residency I have brought my rewena bug with me. Well, part of it; in a little plastic container wrapped in electrical tape and double bagged for the flight. When I arrived on Monday the plastic container was bulging and the rewena bug bubbling so I set it that night to make bread in the morning. This is what I woke to on Tuesday:

Lovely, bubbly and alive. It seems to thrive up here in Auckland. I hope I will too.



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2 responses to “It’s alive….ALIVE!

  1. YAY! I still have you in my feedreader (hello!) Xx

  2. ed

    RSS – no pure coincidence – I just randomly clicked on a long neglected bookmark and – hey you started blogging a mere 10 days ago.
    Of course as ever I’m miffed it isn’t your play “Both Speak I” that is being written!
    Anyway good luck.

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