Weekend work

Just a quick note to say that apart from a spell check I’ve finally finished my draft!


I couple of drinks tonight at the opening of Who’s Poppin I think!


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5 responses to “Weekend work

  1. Great news! How many drafts to go? How long is it?

  2. It is 259 pages/ 61000 (ish) words – I don’t know if that is long or not having never seen A4 transcribed to book before 🙂 Mind you, I was trying not to fall into the “Do I have enough pages” trap (the problem with draft 1…)

    I’m handing this draft (number 3) to my reader/publisher and fingers crossed will start on the editing process when they’ve had a read and given me notes. So does that make it the final draft? Or would it be counted as a draft if I do major rewrites during editing….

  3. I think of the point at which you hand it to your publisher as being the final draft. Anything after that is the editing process! That’s great that you already have a publisher lined up! I think 60,000 words equates to a 200 page novel if you go by the 300 words per printed page average. So not long no, but books don’t have to be long to tell a good story. I think 60 is about the minimum for novel, however; anything smaller and it kind of becomes a novella. My new one is not looking much bigger.

    Congrats Whiti, I can’t wait to see the finished product having followed your progress with interest!

  4. ed

    when’s the next one due?
    are you ever to return to “both say I”?

  5. Oh Ed. I rewrote that end of ’07… but it is kinda unstagable so no-one wants to produce it.

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