18 – done and dusted

Now all I have to deal with is the tricky new Chapter 19 – which is a quarter of 18 with some new stuff (not yet imagined, but a vague outline in process) in front.

Amusing myself with set up for this chapter and other things (like January is a heavy sleeper which is why she is always late for work. Which feels a little autobiographical at the moment.)

I think I’m going to try to do some writing over the weekend, it feels so close to being finished that I just want it done. Plus it has been harder to get up in the mornings lately – I’ve been pushing snooze two or three times. I’m wondering if my writing time is in flux.

I used to write at nights after uni/work and back then my husband worked at a bar so I had the nights to myself. Then I discovered that I could haul myself out of bed at dawn to go to the gym so I thought I could write the too.

And I have been. Just now it seems to be getting harder and harder. I think I’m naturally a night owl, but I do like to get my work done in the morning.

Maybe I should just win lotto and get it over with! Then I could set my own schedule.

Will it be all right when daylight savings start again? Or will I be getting up earlier? My memory is hazy but I swear I don’t gain an hour at either end.

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