Chapter 18

I was going to write the dreaded chapter 18, but I thought that would put too much pressure on it. It is not its fault that it is malformed. I suspect that it is at the very least a conjoined twin – one chapter tacked to the other because at the time it didn’t seem like a chapter in itself…

Not only do I suspect that it is two chapters but I think there maybe a chapter needed in between them; so when I do separate them (necessary so that each can grow)there will be a definite rift.

I just don’t have time to do it this morning. But I do have time to write a wee post. Priorities huh?

Wednesday is my writing day so I’m hoping if I do a little work re-reading and planning today then I can make a good crack at “knocking the bastard off” as Sir Ed the most eloquent of Kiwis would have said.

And that’s what it feels like at the moment – Everest (not that I would find myself in that position to start with. I don’t really like the cold, or sleeping on the frozen ground. And walking up a big frikkin mountain doesn’t look like a whole heap of yuk yuks to me.)

I was putting off writing this chapter but I have got to the point where I have to look at it to fix other problems down the line.

Usually I would have tackled the chapter first to get it out of the way. It is a hangover from my childhood. I would eat the things (usually vegetables, that is if I even ate my vegies) I hated first then I could enjoy the rest. At Intermediate when our classroom experimented with self directed learning I did all of my maths at once so that I could enjoy art and reading (and surprisingly given my dislike of maths, science.)

I don’t know why I delayed this. It is so against my nature. Maybe it is because I’ve been in holiday mode and the other writing was just plugging small holes not ripping things out and restructuring.

It was still like I was on holiday because it wasn’t hard work.

Back to the mines eh? Where did I leave that canary?

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One response to “Chapter 18

  1. ed

    totally irrelevant comment:
    by the by, some one told me the other day that Sir Ed’s comment was not quite all it seems. Apparently it might well have also been a reference to the 1924 expedition and the question of whether George Mallory had beaten Sir Ed and Tenzing to the top

    if true, Sir Ed’s comment “Well, George, we knocked the bastard off.”, has a nice double meaning…

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