Back to work

I’m going back to work this morning after a week off (my birthday was last Monday and I decided that one day off was not enough).

Usually a week off work means a week devoted to writing, which usually means I’m exhausted by my “holiday”.

Last week I really took the week off. No writing even though my novel is pressing. I didn’t even think about it – which partially explains why I didn’t post anything. The rest of the explanation is that we were off line for a couple of days. I never realised how addicted I am to the net until it is taken away.

This morning I got up at dawn (thanks in part to our cat who has added staring out our bedroom window to her early morning patrol; which necessitates bouncing on our mattress pretty much where my head lies) and wrote a little scene that I would have struggled with a week ago.

I’m hoping this “inspiration” will last through the fixes of my draft right up until I tackle the character description problems. I think it maybe an ingrained thing from writing scripts where characters are just described by gender and age (and sometimes race), so that casting is not so limited. Character traits (a limp, an accent) must be crucial to he story to be mentioned. In a way I’ve done this with January. It is crucial to the story that she has eczema and so I describe it but I am loath to describe more. I guess I don’t want to limit the readers pool of players by defining too much.

Of course in the theatre you can see an actor, as a novelist it is my job to create a picture…

Yep. I’m back at the grindstone (is that why I write pulp?) and I haven’t even got to the office yet.

Thank god for the long weekend this week!

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