So little work, so much time…

Strike that; reverse it (thanks Mr Wonka).

I finished reading the third draft of my novel about an hour ago and I’m quite pleased with it. Not enough to send it to Phil yet, but not vomiting in my mouth. Which is always a happy event!

What surprised me the most was that the ending which I had thought too twee as I wrote it resonated well (although I do need to work on setting up some things earlier for it to come off the way I really want it to.)

So there is much work ahead. Today I’m going to concentrate on the little things (missing letters, sometimes whole words! My tendency to drop into past tense when I’m impaitent to get to the next paragraph.) and then map out the big things.

Like where I have written “passage of time” in the margins. I am tempted to write “cut to” but I know that won’t work and it might be an opportunity to work on some descriptive passages which seem to have been ruthlessly cut out in my quest for a clean story ( meaning clear. There’s still insanity and sex…)

I’ve also noticed that I haven’t physically described my main characters (except to say that Mae is old and that January has green eyes) and although I don’t want to write a passage that is that expositionary – January stood straightening her 160cm frame and brushing her shoulder length black hair from her green eyes… – I think it is important to have a sense of a character; what do you think?

I’m also not sure if this is work to be done now or to wait until someone else has read it. My gut says that I should do it now – but my brain (who still wants to be on holiday) says it can wait, it can wait…

But can I? It is the time of the year when I start blocking time for projects and I was hoping that this year the novel wouldn’t be as greedy as it has been for the past 3. At the moment I’m giving it from now until June ( this of course is flexible for diversions rewrites of short stories and films for various competitions this year, and for other people’s schedules too). I am determined that it will be done this year.

After the novel I’m hoping to rewrite Kiwiana Charlatan and to start a draft of my new project (still not sure if it is a film or a play yet)…

Is it possible to feel this overwhelmed by the year already?

I think I need a cup of tea and a lie down.


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2 responses to “So little work, so much time…

  1. Wow! Such busy-ness! My general feeling is that unless what a character is important, description of them is best kept to a minimum, or avoided altogether.

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