She works hard for no money

Happy new Year everyone!

I had a lovely time not doing anything for a couple of weeks except for napping and eating. I eased back into the writing thing with a rewrite of the voice over for my short film.

This week I’m reading my third draft of my novel to see if it is ready for other eyes to read yet or if there are a few more tweaks I’d like to make. So far, so good – I’m actually enjoying reading it at the moment and it seems race along which may be a problem (but perhaps it is because I know the story so well?)

I was motivated to write this post after reading this by Rachael King. It reminded me of a conversation I had over my break about writing; a friend mentioned that her sister wanted to become a writer and I said that she should because there’s great money in it. After Cameron and I recovered from the laughter, I asked what she meant by becoming a writer. I’ve said it before, but my definition of a writer is someone who writes, and this woman (I was told) had drawers of scripts and drafts – so to me she was already a writer.

So what is the definition of a writer? Is it someone who is published? Famous? Rich (!)? Is that what it means to be a successful writer?

I would love to say that the intergrity of the story is all that matters; that if I wrote a “perfect” story that I would be satisfied; I don’t need any outside validation or the approval of others. But I think I do. Otherwise I’d be writing all of this in a diary tucked under my pillow (if I bothered to write it at all, the threat of an audience is very motivating!)

I’d like to say that the thought of fame does not appeal – and on one level it doesn’t; but it would sure make selling tickets/books a bit easier. Which of course leads to money (every little bit helps they say!)…so does that mean my definition of success is being paid?

This year I think I’ll be thinking about success and what it actually means to me…

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