Nice work if you can get it

“You’re so lucky,” she said “To be able to write.”

I said that luck has nothing to do with it; that writing is just plain hard work.

Sure, sometimes there are lucky breaks – like when a producer asks to see the features you’ve written. But without the hard work that went into writing those scripts in the first place then it wouldn’t be very “lucky” at all.

It riles me; the idea that some people seem to have that writing, or any of the arts for that matter, is “easy”. That all I do is sit down one day and out the words flow perfectly. They are blind to the early mornings, the frustration in finding the right word, the seemingly endless drafting process.

Perhaps I should be more gracious when people say that they wish they could be a writer, instead of saying that if you want to be a writer then write.

The writers I know have to do it; they’ll fit it in around their jobs, use their annual leave to write a draft or (like me) give up (full-time) work to write. Sacrifices are made because there’s basically no other choice.

Because a writer writes.

“How do I become a writer?”

Pick up a pen, a pencil or fire up your computer and write.

I can help you up to a point. I can say “How’s that story coming?” or give you some writing exercises. I may even give you a critique; but I can’t write the bloody thing for you (unless you pay me a nice fat commission).

As to how you become a rich and or famous writer…you’ll have to ask Stephen King!


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