November round up

The third draft is almost done, or it might actually be done – I’ve got to the stage where I just can’t tell anymore; the time where you put the draft away for at least a couple of weeks until your eyes clear and you can see it again.

So I’ll have another look during the Xmas break, which is earlier than I would normally revisit something but I just have a feeling that I have a few touch ups to do before I inflict ask anyone else to read it.

Maybe it’s because I feel like I still have things to do that I haven’t felt the relief that I felt with the last two drafts.

The draft started off as I said here with illness, but I still managed to rewrite at a rate of a chapter a day. I started to call it the Rastafarian approach to rewriting. One advantage to the approach is that I could remember what happened in each chapter – which was a contrast to the second draft which I chose to write out of sequence last year ( I had decided to write some of the novel in first person and for consistency I wanted to write those chapters all together.)

That weekend I also overdosed a little one theatre – going to a couple of play readings and the closing night of The Pillowman. One of the plays was written by Kirk Torrance one of the original members of Writers Block, it was great to hear it and see him!

The play Flintlock Musket set in NZ before the musket became widespread, is a story of ambition and colonisation (I’m including iwi on iwi in that definition). Kirk has an amazing way with words – very poetic. It was a nice reminder that you can be theatrical without being over the top (not that being over the top isn’t fun!).

The other play Loser by Thomas Sainsbury, was LOL funny. I will definately see it when (and I do mean when) it gets a full season.

Playmarket drinks followed where I was very brave and introduced myself to new people, which isn’t as freaky as I thought and then I remembered I used to do that all the time. That made me think about why I don’t do that anymore – scared, laziness? This made me think of my character January (my favourite anti socialite) and to question if her social awkwardness is natural or learned. And then I had a little freak out about autobiographical writing, because I really don’t think I’m like January at all…

Then off to Circa to watch The Pillowman, partly because Jamie McCaskill was in it (as Kuturian Katurian which my favourite Doctor David Tennant has also played) and because of its use of fairytale, something I’m exploring in my novel (and other projects that I’m cooking up).

I ended up sitting next to a couple of friends (one came with me and got a standby ticket and the other had booked ahead – but didn’t know we were coming) and a doctor who was in town for the weekend and wanted see a play. It was a pretty full on day, but I’m glad I went out even though I felt sick the next day!

OK peeps, I think I’ll be writing this in installments. There’s rhubarb pie fresh from the oven waiting for me in the kitchen.

I know, I know priorities!!

Next installment: A short trip to Auckland.


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