Rather than starting with a hiss and a roar my November rewrite has been characterised by a cough and a sniffle.  The dreaded cough that is plaguing Welly-town caught up with me last week and will not go away. It is really annoying because it does this whole “oh no you’re perfectly fine” fakie and then it’s all fevers and lung butter again.


But despite my illness I have kept to schedule ( thanks to an unbelievably good day last Wednesday) and the rewrite is going well. I think it is because I spent a lot of time planning before I jumped into it. Yes, I have an outline but it is not set in stone – I seem to be updating the outline as I go; I’ve had to make one of the outline chapters into two and I also need to add a couple of chapters now that I’ve decided that January doesn’t need to actually quit her job, not yet anyway.

I’ve been enjoying the “new” Mae, I think David Tennant’s incarnation of Doctor Who has had a lot of influence on her – that kind of vague bubbliness that hides an intellect of steel. There is at least one line of dialogue where I could hear his intonations. Will she stay that way? Weeell (Eyebrow raise) it’s hard to say…

I’m feeling pretty hopeful that I will be able to pull off this draft this month. I’m taking some time off work (actual leave not sick leave!) next week so that I can get it done. This draft seems more fun than the last – perhaps it is the light at the end of the tunnel which cheers me.

Apologies for the short post – I’m off for a wee nap to kill off those germy jims.


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