I have learnt nothing from Mary Shelley. I weld my scissors and tape stealing a sentence and grafting it to a new paragraph (all my own words, no stealing from tombs tomes of others), creating a wonderous monster…

It’s alive! Alive!

It must be getting close to Halloween.

Which means it is also getting close to November and my foolish plan to get my third draft done by the 30th of said month.

So I’ve resurrected my cut and paste method from earlier in the year to tackle my set up problem – y’know the part where I spend a good hundred pages or so set stuff up for little (or no!) pay off. Where I have written a couple of chapters about roughly the same thing. So I thought I’d get all viking on my work – pillage all the best bits and stick ’em together to make shiney new chapters.

Shiney new chapters that don’t really make much sense at the moment; but I’m forging on. The aim is to have at least the rough cuts done before the start of November so then I can start to polish them then.

I’ve almost got an outline – there is a missing scene that needs to happen before the end of the novel. I have the end but I know I need something else, another test for January…but I haven’t figured that out yet. Instead of staring at my whiteboard willing myself to come up with something (which seemed to be what I did with Kiwiana Charlatan – very frustrating and not at all productive) I thought I could start on my chapter mash ups and see if I have come up with something by the time I get to it.

I should probably take a nap huh?

In other novel news (nice segway, smooth – didn’t even notice the change in subject. What emoticon do you use for sarcasm?) I’m researching Asperger Syndrome. Perhaps January isn’t just a bitch aloof – maybe she just doesn’t know how to read people. Maybe she takes everything literally. It kind of makes sense for her to be attracted to graphology as well – it could provide her with a kind of cipher for people and the crazy things they do. And of course the “solution” of Aspergers throws up as many problems as it solves – would January give up her ordered routine world for the unknown? How do I portray her without it seeming like disease of the week?

Funny thing is, since I had the thought I’ve discovered a number of people who know people with Aspergers… But that just brings up my whole fate/free will conundrum and that is a problem that I don’t think I’ll ever nut out.

I also found a great book in Arty Bees ( a second hand book shop in Wellington) last week while I was waiting to go see a show (I know, it was a shock to me that I did something other than write or think about writing, or write about writing. And sure it was theatre; but it was a full 20 minutes after the show before I thought about which bits I’d like to steal, I mean, pay homage to…) It is called Self Editing for Fiction Writers and I devoured it in a couple of days. I think it was very timely that I found it now (bugger there’s that free will/fate thing again).

I’m afraid that my posts might be like this for a while, a kind of Christmas-newsletter-from-distant-relatives-you-haven’t-talked-to-since-last-Christmas-for-good-reason kind of approach. So apologies in advance for rambles that are just a kind of dumping ground for random thoughts.

I promise that there will be no shots of me in a Santa hat though. Rest assured!

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