That’s not my name…

Daylight savings. Bah humbug.

I’ll be grumpy and scatter-brained for a least a week (isn’t that what you’re normally like Whiti? ‘fess up…)

But it might be a good thing. I thought I may as well train my self to get up earlier in preparation for big November while my body is already protesting about daylight savings ( Whay are you getting me up an hour earlier? Is now why are you getting me up an hour and 20 minutes earlier?).

On Sunday I was sewing in my jammies, a little dazed because…well it was Sunday and who isn’t a little dazed by the end of the weekend? As I was sitting there pinning, not thinking of anything to do with my novel; I thought of January’s real name which is…

Sorry for the fakie. You don’t think I was going to tell you? Well I guess I would any other time; but I haven’t decided if I’m going to reveal it in the novel yet. So for the meantime it is a secret for me and January to share. At the moment I’m leaning towards keeping it a secret. But a badly kept secret – I think I’ll try to weave in clues throughout the novel. I don’t think they’ll be “proper” clues, no smoking guns or finger prints…I’m thinking of using repition of words and images so that the idea of the name will be built up.

Can I get vaguer? Have I not been on a year long mission to simplify things? Am I being tricky again, determined to baffle my reader?

What do you think? Would it be frustrating as a reader not to find out January’s real name? Given that the reveal of the name heals a rift between Mae and January, is too built up not to reveal it?

Maybe I should write two copies, one with the reveal and one without and see what an unsuspecting reader thinks…a placebo novel. Hmm, maybe that’s a new genre!


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2 responses to “That’s not my name…

  1. littlegemsession

    Hee, sewing in your jammies, you sound like me 🙂 I like the idea of building up clues for her name.

  2. This is a really interesting blog post,I have added your blog to my favourites I really like it,keep up the good work!

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