She’s here…

(In that creepy sing-song Poltergeist voice)

Yes, I have clawed my way back from the pits of dial up hell – we were in the highest sphere of dial up hell, the kind where it is incredibly slow and you have to pay business rates (80 cents for a minute?! Has the world gone mad?).

Was a fortnight without internet liberating? In some ways, I guess it was; after all I wasn’t checking my email constantly or searching (endlessly searching!) for my next big hit of information.

Y’know, that chunk of info that will make sense of it all. My Rosetta stone, the hallowed piece of information that will unlock something in my brain and make the rewrite of my novel and my play so much easier.

So what have I been up to in the digital wastelands?  I’ve been on tour with Honouring Theatre as nanny to my nephew Finn, or as he has been rechristened “Bob”. I had packed a whole lot of stuff with me in the hope that I could get some work done over the two weeks. Wishful thinking! Looking after a baby is bloody tiring and I just didn’t have the mindspace to write. Instead it was filled with Maisy and what I could do to tire him out amuse him the next day.

How do writers with children do it? How do you carve out a space for yourself?

My brother-in-law keeps joking (they are jokes right?) about me having cousins for Finn, but after the past two weeks I know that at this stage of my life/career I’m not prepared to sacrifice the time and energy needed to raise a child.

Two weeks is a short time, and I guess in “real life” you just deal with it. Routines are set, writing time is snatched where ever you find it.

But that’s not for me. Not now. I have a little bit more living in my head to do and, oh, maybe some actual living too…

There will be more about the tour, but that’s all that I can muster today. I have to get my writer’s brain back. I think Maisy might have run off with it!


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3 responses to “She’s here…

  1. littlegemsession

    Ha! Yes, not only do kids steal your time, they steal your brain too! It’s true, if you do find some time to write you may not find the brain to do so until they go to school 😉

  2. ha ha! Whenever childless friends/relatives look after my son for a day they are amazed at how tiring it is. As for being a parent and a writer – it is doable, but you can probably write off a year. When they’re old enough to go to daycare you can ship them off for a couple of afternoons a week – certainly you are too tired to write in the evenings. In my case I have a partner who shares the childcare duties so in the second half of last year I had three whole days to myself, and now I’ve got this residency I am the breadwinner so I get 4 1/2 days to myself. But yes, you do learn to adjust to this new being in your life, and my writing is better than ever now.

  3. Whiti

    Well that’s a relief! Although I think I still have a few years up my sleeve. No maternal twinges as yet…

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