Drip, drip

The rain had been steady all weekend. Occasionally I’d look outside and think how lucky we, The Goat Embryo Project, were to have the weather we had last weekend for our shoot.

Although, even if the weather had been as miserable as it was this weekend, we would have dealt with it. And I reckon we would have had just as much fun.

Manimal Planet had its premiere screening last night. A whole row was taken up by us (and a few more seats the next row down) all cheering and joking. And that was before the movie started! (Helped in part by the wine we had our pot luck dinner beforehand – kia ora Sharon for hosting us!)

Confession time. During the week I had worried about our little film – was it as funny as we had thought, or was it 4.30 am playing tricks on us? What if I had totally misjudged our work?

Well there were laughs (and not just from our row) and the story stood up. In fact I based my voting on the stories that the films told. If the story wasn’t clear and had a resolution at the end I didn’t vote for it. Even if I had a few laughs it wasn’t enough. Story is king.

Funny isn’t it? Years of people telling me this, studying structure and the Hero’s Journey; and it finally clicks. The water has finally worn away the stone.

On Saturday, after I had written my post, I realised how much my ego has tripped up my writing this year. I was worried about how my play would be viewed in years to come. I wanted to prove that I was a good writer – and I was determined to use all my tricks to prove it. I forgot that my story is the most important thing in my writing.

And there’s nothing like seeing that principle in practice on the big screen to really hammer it home.





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5 responses to “Drip, drip

  1. Oh my god, great point! I’ve certainly lost my way with d.c., most of it getting hung up on trying to create a play that I think other people are expecting of me (if that makes any sense). Hopefully by throwing all the old drafts and just going from the gut again will sort this … or not …

    Oh … and … please, please, please see if you can get your 48hr entry online … pretty please? x

  2. Oh yes, that’s a huge one to get a hold of isn’t it? I think we all get trapped in that – but maybe as we get older we move beyond it and just learn to focus on the story?
    I’d love to see the film too!

  3. Whiti

    This is going to sound wanky but I’ll ask the producer! I think the 48 hour people encourage uploading to their site and depending on how we go (fingers crossed) we may have to wait until after the grand final. Wellies final is next week I think…

  4. hospitably says : I absolutely agree with this !

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