Girl with Moxie

Only one sleep until we storm the island to make cinematic history. Or at least 7 minutes of it.

I am beginning to feel nervous about the whole thing, partly because it is madness to try and put together a short film in 48 hours and partly because of the media attention our team is getting.

Today some of the crew were photographed by the Dom Post and we will be followed by a Close Up Crew during our shoot. It doesn’t half put the pressure on (as if there wasn’t already) to produce a good film.

Because of the prospect of me being photographed/filmed (writer, usually behind the scenes eh!) I have allowed myself one vanity today. I had my eyebrows threaded (which meant I was told off by the lady who did them since I last had it done in November) which is probably the most groomed I’ll be all weekend. I can’t be bothered with much make up at the best of times, let alone when I’ve had no sleep (probably an argument for me to wear make up actually…)

There is something deep inside me that says “Don’t try too hard to look good.” I suspect it is because I spent my formative years in flannel and Docs (Grunge baby yeah!) so never got that girly girl thing down pat. It just smacks of effort! And then you have to keep reapplying and reapplying. Perhaps goths and their watered down progeny aren’t so nihilistic after all – constant reapplication of ruby red lipstick is surely an act of hope.

A head torch was also purchased today for my adventure. I think I chose it because of its name – Moxie. How cool is that?

“No, I can’t help you it is too dark and I am not brave enough…Wait! I have found my Moxie and I shall be with you forthwith.” (In a British accent, preferably in a WW2 movie)

Now I can have both hand free for writing and drinking!

The shop assistant asked me if I was happy with the colour of the torch and I said to him:

“It’s fine, doesn’t matter anyway it’ll be dark and I won’t see it.”

He threw his hands up in the air, exclaimed “yes” and for a split second I thought he may even kiss me. Apparently most people do care about the colour of their torches and sleeping bags, and complain about the selection. It is dark people! No one can see your torch or sleeping bag, and if they did would they care?

Maybe camping people are more matchy-matchy then I thought…

Good lord! Does that mean I have to make an effort in the wilderness too?

I thought it would be the one refuge for my frizzy hair and spotty skin!

I guess not when you have a camera crew following you; and ,judging by the programming choices of television networks, who doesn’t these days?

Stayed tuned for more episodes of The Complicated Life – Island “action”

(If I can blog on the Island I’ll keep you updated, if not see you next week!)


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2 responses to “Girl with Moxie

  1. Awesome! I hope the weekend went well! I’m looking forward to hearing about it!
    “Perhaps goths and their watered down progeny aren’t so nihilistic after all – constant reapplication of ruby red lipstick is surely an act of hope.” This is truly great by the way 🙂

  2. congratulations and I hope all went well for you. Your commentary was hilarious.

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