Cut and Paste – Update

Whew! I got my entry into the 6 Pack yesterday morning, so I’m having the rest of Easter off before launching into my novel rewrite. It feels as if it has been a very long week, even though it has been shorter (with Good Friday and all).

I have been half cursing the earlier arrival of Easter which meant I had to get my entry into the post yesterday to arrive in Auckland on Wednesday because of the public holidays, and half blessing the early arrival of Easter because it meant I had a whole day to work on the extract. But it’s in the post now so all I have to do is wait…

The Rewrite

A couple of problems that I had to solve rewriting an extract were: how to make the extract read as a story onto itself but also make the readers want to read the rest of my novel; and how to simplify the story of the extract.

The latter was fairly easy; I condensed two train journeys into one, and the initial grouping of all the paragraphs into themes/topics helped to sort out the underlying drive of the story – Mae’s search for her apprentice.

I think I succeeded with the first problem as well, again because I had a clear idea of what this aspect of the wider story was about – the search for an apprentice. So simply Mae at the beginning of the story needs an apprentice and by the end has found one; but she hasn’t actually got one…yet. There is enough for the extract to be satisfying; but also some tantalising unanswered questions – will January accept the job? What’s her story?

The reader finds out about what Mae does (she’s a Graphologist), what her work entails (examining handwriting to find out the true personality of people), why she needs an apprentice (to finish her manuscript) and why she needs one now (she is getting old and feels that she will die soon).

I think it’s a pretty robust extract, but I guess I’ll have to wait to see if the judges think so!

It has made me think about the novel on the whole and whether I have made things too complicated at the beginning, hopefully a re-read will put my mind at rest, I haven’t looked at it since December so fingers crossed for a pleasant surprise! I’ll let you know either way…

The Cut and Paste Method

It has been a very enlightening experiment, and something I would definitely put in my bag o’ tricks to use again (apparently it is a well worn method of writing in my whanau – both my husband and my sister have used it in the past. Is that where I got the idea from? As I writer I know there’s nothing original, but there was a little thrill of invention involved in this. )

I liked the physicality of moving the pieces around and stepping back as a painter would to a canvas. However, I don’t think my walls would feel the same. I talked about the experiment with a colleague at work which lead to a daydream of the ideal study/studio. She said a wall of corkboard, blackboard and whiteboard. I myself would leave off the blackboard (even though it looks very stylish) because I hate using chalk.

The wall of whiteboard sounds appealing. I read somewhere that Anne Rice writes on her walls when inspiration strikes, but I don’t know if I could live with that( and I definitely know my landlord couldn’t). Half of the stuff I write on my whiteboard doesn’t make any sense. At the moment I have “allergic to yellow” and for a long time I also had the word “peanut”.

I said I would like a magnetic wall – then I could move my pieces around like giant magnetic poetry.

All of this reminded me of one of my favorite blogs to visit On My Desk. It is literally what is on people’s desks – their workspaces and how they work. I guess what makes it a little less geeky (a millimetre or two, surely…) is that the desks are those from creative field; artists, designers, writers…

So it has inspired me to “pimp my workspace”, starting with a giant magnetic board for cut and pasting. There are large, cheap canvases at our local Price Buster and my plan is to get a couple and bolt them together, find some magnetic undercoat and then make the whole thing pretty ( I have some vintage wallpaper that I’m fond of). The only thing that’s holding me back is the cash to get all of the supplies and the fact that it is a public holiday and everything is shut. Ah, well. It will be a long term project I guess!

I am also thinking about replacing my ugly whiteboard with something more aesthetically pleasing – I plan to experiment with a couple of surfaces…

I’ll post pictures of the projects when I’m done. Maybe I should take a before shot of my desk now. The changes will be very incremental on my budget!! I love a make-over, don’t you?


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4 responses to “Cut and Paste – Update

  1. thanks for the link to “On My Desk.” What fun! I had to laugh when I read that you need to “pimp your workspace.” Happens to be one of my favorite forms of procrastinating. (Not that I’m saying that’s what’s goin’ on chez vous.)

    Marianne Moore used to use a form of cut and paste in her poetry. Phrases would come to her and she’d write them down and save them for later use.

  2. Whiti

    Oh ho ho! It may just be a bit of procrastination my friend! At university my flat became cleaner as deadlines loomed… thankfully I’ve given up that habit and just live a perpetual state of mess.
    Hopefully it will be a “spare time” (who has that?) project; although every magazine I’ve picked up lately has handy tips on how to organize my workspace. I kid you not. So obviously I have the universe on my side, and any way I can spend more time at my desk has gotta be good…right?

    I shall look up MM’s poetry. I have written down just random lines in the past but writing a whole piece randomly was fairly new. Quite exciting too! Hopefully the end product will be as well…

  3. Snap, Whiti. I wrote on my blog today about my workspace and its bareness (I have a whiteboard!) and whether I should try and do seomthgin about it, or whether that’s just the way I work. It must be somethign we think about after a deadline has passed (ditto Six Pack).


  4. Whiti

    I think it’s something I thing about as a deadline is looming! Must the the bad influence of decorating TV shows…

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