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I watched Revenge of the Nerds 2 on Sunday night and was left underwhelmed by it (which is hardly surprising!) Cam and I had watched the original the week before, and I was amazed that Computer Camp Love by Datarock had come from it. Cam just looked at me like I was mad; but I’ve only seen the film maybe twice and that was probably 15 years ago, so forgive me if I can’t quote from it. The video for Computer Camp Love makes so much more sense now!

I couldn’t put my finger on why Revenge of the Nerds 2 was so annoying.

Was it because of the characters? Possibly, they were exactly the same as the first movie and hadn’t seemed to have progressed ( but isn’t that the moral? That they stay who they are?)

Was it Courtney Thorne-Smith and her Rambo-esque headband?

Was it because they lifted the original plot and just dumped it in Miami? Any charming little scene (like when they play their “futuristic” music) is expected and now a little boring?
Was it because they faced exactly the same challenge as the first – beat the Alpha Betas – and since I’ve already seen them do that the stakes didn’t really seem that high?

Yes to all of the above, but what really annoyed me was the last scene.

So Ogre, an Alpha Beta, was kicked out by their President Rodger for threatening to expose their plan to take care of the nerds.

In the showdown between the Nerds and the Alpha Betas, Ogre chooses the Nerds over his Jock friends (which is big for him because for the rest of the two movies he goes a bit mental when anyone says “nerds” throwing them into pools)

So the nerds welcome him into their fraternity.

And that is the part that bugs me the most, because not five minutes earlier their is the big rallying speech about how you should be yourself blah, blah…

Then they cut to Ogre’s initiation and he’s dressed as a “nerd” thick glasses, hair slicked down, pants too short; his had a “make-under”.

They even refuse to call him Ogre. They call him by his real “nerdy” name – I can’t remember Dwight, Reginald…whatever. He corrects them, by saying “Ogre” and they say “No [insert nerdy name here]” in a patronising tone.

Now I guess this should be a scene of triumph. That the nerds have turned an Alpha Beta into a nerd, but to me it let down not just the sequel but the original movie as well. You have just told me for 180 odd minutes that I should be proud to be myself, and this scene undercuts the whole thing.

Anyway enough ranting. Here’s Computer Camp Love…

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