Act 1, Scene 1 – set scene, introduce main players

The Narrator:  That would be me, the eponymous writer of the above url. She-who-has-never-kept-a-diary-for-more-than-two-weeks has entered the crowded world of blogging. Why (you may ask, and it is valid given that my posts may well be dross in a sea of, well, dross), why now? A few reasons: 1) I am about to embark on the third draft of my novel and thought it may amuse some to read all about that (particularly if you ask me “How’s the novel going?” and I answer in an uncertain voice “Uh, good?”) 2) My friend Ed sent me a delightful zine about the minutiae of his daily life abroad and I was enthralled (even the bits about tax) 3) Because I read and enjoy other people’s blogs and wanted to join the conversation, and finally 4) Because it is on my list (which I will tell you about some other time, I promise).

The Novel: Probably a major scene stealer this year. I’ve been writing it forever since the end of 2005 and we’ve had our ups and downs.  Occasionally I will curse its existence but pay no mind to our little tiffs. I love it, really.

The “Other” Writing: So I’m a little unfaithful to my novel. But my playwrighting is my first love, and what the novel doesn’t know…

Cameos by: Cameron, Mog and the rest of the whanau. Actual non-writing life may actually slip in from time to time; parental guidance advised.

I’ll try my hardest to relate what’s happening in my life to my art, so apologies now for laboured analogies…


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4 responses to “Act 1, Scene 1 – set scene, introduce main players

  1. Oh you are so going to get hooked … just you wait!

  2. Celia

    Diary of Bridget Jones comes to mind, but this is better as I know writer personally and is real 🙂

  3. Whiti

    Hmm, perhaps selective reality!!

  4. the f(r)iend ed

    Whiti fails to mention she did manage to feature in said zine (even though I was on the other side of the world at the time) – and now captivated by feeling of fame wishes to star on her own rather than as an anonymous cameo!

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